O Regresso da Verdadeira Direita

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This book provides a valuable lesson in metapolitics and is a crash course in how to analyze supply and demand in the political market. The New Right is at the crossroads between the old and the new, where both merge. This book is the result after many years of study, resulting in practical ways to solve these political issues. Daniel Friberg introduces the basics of the New Right and its history, offering advice on how to deal with the opposition. In a society that calls itself free, while electing absolute dogmas and childishly withholding all those that dare to question them, Daniel Friberg unveils the alternative. Free yourself from the monotony of half-solutions and half-truths. Break-free from the insurmountable fatal modern political system.

Take the reins of this challenge and let yourself be captivated by the unique content of this copy.

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